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Ancient Chinese
Sexual Positions
an instructional card deck

Art by Richard Stodart
Edited by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

Published August 2006

Make Love Like the Ancient Chinese Yellow Emperor

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From Chinese antiquity comes the mythical Yellow Emperor. In exquisite
detail and without any shame, the three “Women of Sexual Knowledge”
enlightened the Emperor in Taoist sexual secrets and the arts of love-
making. Based on the 1,000-year-old Japanese Ishimpo text, the 50 cards
here present the sexual positions they taught the Yellow Emperor.


• Slip a Positions card somewhere in a future month of your lover’s personal appointment book — to be discovered at some unsuspecting time.

• Place a card, along with a flower, on your lover’s pillow before bedtime.

• At a restaurant, discreetly ask the waiter or waitress to deliver to your lover with the dessert an envelope with a card.

• Have a florist deliver flowers and an envelope with a card to your lover at work or home.

• Include a card with a birthday or anniversary card to your lover.

• Dress in attractive apparel, approach your lover, and say, “Pick a card, any card!”

• Secretly slip a card in your lover’s luggage before she or he leaves on a trip.

• Give a gift of a book with a card as a bookmark.

•Blindfold your lover, and let him/her pick a surprise for the evening.

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