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Secret Garden - Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Erotic Massage DVD
with 3 audio tracks
verbal instruction    music only
• commentary

Erotic Massage Video
with music-only track

Complete Edition of Vols. 1 + 2
Erotic Massage Video, Vol. 2 only

by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.

The tantric massage and erotic massage DVDs-videos are basically the same. The tantric edition is designed to accompany The Essential Tantra book. The erotic massage editions are designed to accompany the Erotic Massage book.

Secret Garden - Kenneth Ray Stubbs

They play these bodies as a concert pianist caresses his grand piano. Real people, not actors.
- Libido, The Journal of Sex and Sensibility

Volume One - learn the erotic and therapeutic art of massage. Volume Two - stands out as sensual/sexual artistry. Fitting portrayal of the beauty of massage.
- Ecstasy Journal

These videotapes model mature pleasuring in a relaxed, calm, nonpressurized manner. Excellent examples for healthy sexual functioning.
- University of Minnesota Medical School

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