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erotic passions
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erotic passions

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romantic interludes

Erotic Passions is the all-color, expanded edition of the earlier black-and-white Romantic Interludes

erotic passions






Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs
Erotic Passions
A Guide to Orgasmic Massage, Sensual Bathing,
Oral Pleasuring, and Ancient Sexual Positions

by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
with Louise-Andrée Saulnier
Illustrated by Kyle Spencer

• For LOVERS who wish to be even more erotic.
For LOVERS who wish to say without words, “I LOVE YOU.”
For STRANGERS who wish to explore becoming lovers.
For LONGTIME MATES who wish to relight the fires. . . .

The earlier black-and-white edition sold over 100,000 copies. Now in vibrant color, this expanded edition brings an even wider range of suggestions and techniques for lovers to enhance the sensual, the sexual, and the intimate dimensions of lovemaking.

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Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs

A welcome addition to help couples expand sexual pleasure.
- Sexuality Today Newsletter

The erotic dream of many women.
- Betty Dodson author, Sex For One: The Joy of Selfloving

One can not help but find beauty and pleasure by sharing in the intimate experiences described.
- from the Foreword: Beverly Whipple, Ph.D., R.N., coauthor, The G Spot

Finally, here is a guide that can bring a passionate spark either into a new relationship or a long-term relationship.
- William R. Stayton, Th.D., Director of Human Sexuality Program, Widener University

Will help many people reach another level of pleasure and happiness.
- Stephen T. Chang, Ph.D., M.D. author, The Tao of Sexology

A valuable resource for sex therapists and counselors.
- Paul Fleming, M.D., Board of Directors, American Association of Sex Educators, Counselors, and Therapists

. . . playful style of writing could tempt even the most unadventurous into the delights of sensuous pleasure.
- Enlighten Journal

. . . reminds all lovers of any age of the exquisiteness of touching.
- Sex Over Forty

. . . doing strange things with peacock feathers in a hot tub.
– San Francisco Examiner

Excerpted in Playgirl Magazine for one year

Copyright © 2001. Secret Garden Publishing. All rights reserved.

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