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the essential tantra
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you saw this book in the movie AMERICAN PIE 2 !!!

the essential tantra

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The Essential Tantra is the combined, expanded, and updated edition of three previous books:

tantric massage

Tantric Massage

sensual ceremony

Sensual Ceremony

sacred orgasm

Sacred Orgasms

essential tantra


Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs

(In the movie American Pie 2,
Finch reads The Essential Tantra)

The Essential Tantra
A Modern Guide to Sacred Sexuality

by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
illustrated by
Kyle Spencer
Richard Stodart

Published by Tarcher/Putnam

Our sexual, orgasmic energy is the catalyst at the center of the sacred circle. This is the underlying philosophy of The Essential Tantra.

Embracing what we call the sacred and the sexual is the focus. A wide variety of techniques, ceremonies, and meditations for modern Westerners offer individuals and couples many avenues for stepping into a paradigm where our sexuality is a celebration of At-one-ment.

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Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs

American Pie 2 (featuring THE ESSENTIAL TANTRA)
Movie Review By Suzie at

Tantra is showing up in the most amazing places! We find Finch, one of the twenty-somethings in American Pie 2, studying Tantric techniques throughout the movie. And, it’s a very funny movie.

Finch, one of the college men, spends his summer studying and practicing Tantra. He’s preparing himself for his future, which happens to include one of his friend’s mothers, the woman who turned him on to Tantra in the first place. Ah, Shakti!

Finch, our character, thrives on discipline. A self-described sophisticate and self-promoting ladies’ man, as played by Eddie Kaye Thomas, he’s studying the principles of Tantric sex. "His dream is to be reunited with Stifler’s Mom as a master of sexual discipline, so he’s studying eastern philosophy – saving his energies, as it were," says Thomas. "He’s what you might call an extremely focused human being."

Quote Thomas: "There’s a party at Stifler’s house and Finch sneaks into her room just so he can smell her smells and see her surroundings. He finds a book on a thing called Tantra, which he’s already into that way of thinking, and it just opens up a really big door with a lot of new things inside."

Finch is reading a secret Tantric manual throughout the movie. We happen to know which book he’s carrying around with him and studying! It’s written by a friend of ours here at He’s a prolific author, who has contributed a great volume of works to the subjects of Sacred Sexuality and Tantra, Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D. Click here to find out more about his newest offering and the secret book Finch is studying to become a master.

If you haven’t seen the movie American Pie 2, do! review of The Essential Tantra
If I were to recommend one book and one book only for lovers wanting to embark on the path of tantra or “embracing and accepting all” as the author expresses it, this would have to be it! This is not an esoteric treatise but an actual hands-on approach to the art of lovemaking and the spiritual path of love and light that gently allows us to open our hearts, feel our bodies and clear our minds. A True Gem!

New Age Retailer review of earlier editions
All three of these books are very beautiful, open, expressive, intelligent, wonderful works dedicated to opening hearts, minds, and societal attitudes in order to allow the reader to fully experience the joy of erotic love. They are not unfathomable, esoteric tomes purporting to reveal “the secrets of the ages,” but they are most certainly well-written, well-organized books which deal with what is, sadly, still something of a taboo subject: SEX.

Tantric Massage:
Everything is spelled out in black and white, and though it is certainly capable of sparking even the deadest imagination, leaves nothing to speculation. If you are in the market for something to spice up your sexual experience, this book will surely provide the needed information on how to effectively accomplish this feat.

Sensual Ceremony:
The entire chapter on foot bathing is amazing. It is presented as a way to pleasure, relax, celebrate, and honor, not just as an erotic experience, but as a loving, caring nurturing act that can be performed for anyone you care about.

Sacred Orgasms:
Concentrates highly on both the physical and spiritual dimensions of the sexual experience. This beautiful book is dedicated to deepening the meaning and joy of the experience of being

Ecstasy: The Journal of Divine Eroticism
review of Sacred Orgasms

Stubbs writes the entire book as a poem, following the tradition of the Song of Songs and other classic texts. The illustrations convey a sense of awe and reverence, a hint that there is more going on than meets the eye or thought.
This ode to the orgasm—to a transformed life—is the perfect “pillow book” for any room of the house. Open it up anywhere and inhale the fragrance of the thoughtful verse, linger over an inspired message or take one as an affirmation and carry it in your heart.

NAPRA Trade Journal
The erotic paintings of lovers in his books are reminiscent of Chinese and Indian depictions. Yet they also exude a remarkable gentleness. Since Stubbs also subscribes to the integration of sexuality and spirituality, it is no surprise that these popular books emphasize (guess what?) respect and communication between lovers.

Nexus: Colorado’s Holistic Journal
review of Sacred Orgasms

Following the best-selling Tantric Massage and Sensual Ceremony is another frankly and beautifully illustrated celebration of the erotic-spiritual union. Stubbs believes that by embracing our sexual nature, we expand our spiritual nature and vice versa. He expands the concept of orgasms from basic muscular tension release to a sublime ecstasy that can bed triggered by the scent of night-blooming jasmine or even listening to Wager, but always returns to how one can “move into the love act so deeply that the actor is no more...while loving, become love.” Stubbs encourages us to explore the energy generation concept of orgasms, where we become our transcended self.

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