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kama sutra of sexual positions
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Secret Garden - Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Secret Garden - Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Kama Sutra
of Sexual Positions
The Tantric Art of Love

by Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
Illustrated by Kyle Spencer

Designed by Richard Stodart

Over 100 images of lovers in sexual embrace—the best from
• Kama Sutra
The Perfumed Garden
Song of Songs
other traditions and other times

Kama Sutra comes to us from fourth-century India. Written by a holy man, this “love scripture” has become known in the West as a “bible of sex.” As such, Kama Sutra of Sexual Positions presents many facets of sexual embrace from many cultures where the sexual and the sacred together are the weaver of the tapestry of life.

Enjoy the beauty and passion of
ancient lovers before us:
Mare’s Position
Suspended Congress
The Somersault
The Ostrichs Tail
Drawing the Bow
Camels Hump
Blacksmith’s Posture
Dragon Turns Over
The Phoenix Flutters
Cranes with Necks Intertwined

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Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Lavishly illustrated and packed with poetry, history, and practical advice, this is a stylish addition to any sexuality library.
Adult Video News

This celebratory—and very explicit—treasury of 100 positions you absolutely, positively haven’t experienced (and if you have, youre getting out more than we are!).
Quality Paperback Book Club
(review of earlier edition, Secret Sexual Positions)

Even if you think you’ve done it every way possible, I bet you’ll find some new ways to bend in here.
Libido: The Journal of Sex and Sensibility

(review of earlier edition, Secret Sexual Positions)

The 100 illustrations by Kyle Spencer and colored by Richard Stodart are excellent, capturing the look and feeling of erotic art from the different cultures represented in the book. The descriptions of the positions themselves capture the feeling of the originals without some of the more cryptic references in more literally faithful translations.
Sex In Review

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