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Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs
About Secret Garden Publishing

After finding no receptive US publisher, I founded Secret Garden Publishing in 1986 for books and videos/DVDs I write, edit, or produce.

We have now sold well over half-a-million books and videos. Some titles are more for the mainstream, some are more for people with a meditation background. All sexual orientations and gender variations are embraced.

Most of my books and videos/DVDs are practical guides to enhancing the sensual, sexual, and intimate connection between lovers and potential lovers. EROTIC MASSAGE was the first book to explicitly illustrate genital massage. My all-color books are EROTIC PASSIONS, KISS OF DESIRE, and KAMA SUTRA OF SEXUAL POSITIONS.

For those more interested in our mystical nature, THE ESSENTIAL TANTRA delves deeply into the ceremonial and energetic aspects of sexuality. WOMEN OF THE LIGHT demonstrates the transformative impact of entwining the sacred and the sexual.

Tarcher/Putnam publishes some of my titles for the bookstore trade. Some titles are available in other languages.

My underlying philosophy simply stated is sex and orgasm are the center of the sacred circle.

These two poems say it another way:

The shade of
your apricot tree
comforts me from
the midday sun

The redness of the
pomegranate seed
the nectar of the grape
slip from your lips
to mine

Your lily’s fragrance
lifts me to a realm
where midday and
midnight are one

I am lost in your garden

inspired by the Song of Songs

The spiral between
the heavens
and the earth

The circle between
the nights
and the days
circling into seasons

When we dance naked
I hear your heartbeat
There I soar
in the spiral
There I embrace
the circle

Is this why
God gave us lovers?

inspired by Lalla

Kenneth Ray Stubbs, Ph.D.
President, Secret
Garden Publishing

Copyright © 2001. Secret Garden Publishing. All rights reserved.

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