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Secret Garden Publishing - Kenneth Ray Stubbs

Artists/Designers of our Books/Videos

Richard Stodart
• designed KISS of DESIRE, EROTIC PASSIONS, all three books in the KAMA SUTRA Trilogy series
• illustrated parts of The ESSENTIAL TANTRA
• plus more

Jim Dennis
• photographed MALE EROTIC MASSAGE

Erica Chappuis
• illustrated parts of KISS of DESIRE


Women of the Light Contributors

Barbara Roberts:  The Sex Surogate - deceased

Betty Dodson:  The Artist

Carol Queen: The Call Girl

Carolyn Elderberry:  The Masseuse

Juliet Anderson:  The Porn Star

Jwala:  The Meditation Teacher

Kathryn:  The Nurse

Shell Freye:  The Group-Sex Hostess

Stephanie Rainbow Lightning Elk:
The FireWoman


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